Verholen R1200RT (05-14) Adjustable Peg Lowering Kit (Rider)


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This Adjustable Driver FootPeg Lowering Kit for your R1200RT (2005-2014) offers so many positions.

The adapter is designed to lower the pegs, but in some cases the pegs can be mounted upwards to Raise the pegs.

The universal adapter has great rotation and extends down up to 40mm (1.57 inches) from the stock position. The footrests can be mounted further forward and under for comfortable riding or further back for a racing style positioning.

Keep in mind once the peg rotates to a certain point the arch of your foot will be on the edge of the peg and may become unfordable on the arch of your foot. Please call if you want the pegs to go in an upward position, prior to ordering.

It mounts using an M-10 screw and splines between the upper and lower block, making it absolutely stable and secure.

As with all MV adjustable kits, the footrest adapter makes for a quick change. With a little hand work and an allen key, the adapter can be adjusted from low to high or high to low so you can find your optimal position.

Remember! Lowering footpegs means less room to lean the bike. That means, you can scrape your pegs. Since this kit is adjustable, you can find your own optimal position. Installation of Handlebar adapter "risers" or Footpeg lowering kits can be considered an "Advanced" installation by some. Since we are unaware of each individuals mechanical ability, we recommend these parts be installed by a certified motorcycle technician that is proficient on your model of motorcycle and understands the demands and requirements to install "aftermarket" parts.

Stock image used, actual product may vary slightly.

Verholen R1200RT (05-14) Adjustable Peg Lowering Kit (Rider)
Produced by Verholen of Germany