Vortex S1000RR|S1000R Adjustable Rearset Kit


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-V2 Design!
-Shift-Pivot design offers standard & GP shifting while maintaining stock leverage ratios and feel.
-Full range of adjustment for peg & pedal positions in STD or GP shift modes.
-Fully compatible with standard, shift assist, and ABS models.
-Removable muffler bracket for high mount exhaust systems.
-Adjustment Range - Fwd:5mm, Back:15mm & Down:5mm, Up:25mm – 10mm increments, 12 positions.
-Strength-to-weight optimization engineering using finite element analysis technology.
-Patented folding toe peg protects pedals from crash damage while offering .5 inch of pedal length adjustment.
-Independently mounted shift and brake pedals (where possible) helps to prevent binding from a bent peg.

Vortex S1000RR|S1000R Adjustable Rearset Kit
Produced by Vortex of USA