Wurth Motorcycle Rost-Off 48


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High capillary activity
- Optimum creeping properties result in high level of rust penetration, i.e. even stubbornly rusted-on screw connections are released
Optimally dissolves rust
- Gets under rust and loosens seized screws and bolts
Excellent water displacement
- Displaces and gets under moisture, e.g. n case of contact difficulties
Optimum corrosion protection due to addition of corrosion protection ­ additives
- Provides lasting protection against further corrosion
Resin and acid-free
Compatible with rubber and seals

Spray parts to be treated and allow to penetrate. In case of stubborn connections, repeat application and extend penetration time if necessary.

For releasing rusty and oxidised ­screw connections on passenger cars, lorries, agricultural and construction machines, equipment and devices.

10.1 fl. oz.

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Wurth Rost-Off 48
Produced by Wurth of Germany