ZTechnik F800GS|ADV|F800R|F700GS|F650GS2 Headlight Guard


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The Z5410 headlight guard perfectly matches the contours of the F800GS, F650GS Twin and F800R headlight. This guard is thermoformed to wrap around the headlight frame cover where it's attached using marine-grade Velcro®. No Velcro on the headlight lens! Crystal clear optics will not distort or reduce light beam. Virtually disappears when installed.

The Z5410 headlight guard is formed from tough 3.00mm polycarbonate with ZTechnik's exclusive Quantum™ hardcoating for 10X more strength and 30X more scratch resistance than fragile acrylic guards. Protect your expensive headlight with a guard that's tougher than flying debris. The choice is clear!

3.00mm Polycarbonate with Quantum™ Hardcoating.

Mounts to headlight shell with marine-grade Velcro® (included).

ZTechnik F800GS|ADV|F800R|F700GS|F650GS2 Headlight Guard
Produced by ZTechnik of USA