ZTechnik F800ST|F800S VStream Windshield


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Join the VStream Revolution!

This windshield will turn your sporty F800S into a great sport touring motorcycle! And it will turn your sport-touring F800ST into an even better sport-tourer! The VStream Screen will direct the wind away from your chest and shoulders and still give you a quieter ride with less turbulence.

ZTechnik has introduced the industry's first 3-Year Warranty against windshield breakage for our industry-leading aftermarket BMW® windshields. We are so confident in the strength of our polycarbonate windshields that we will warrant them against breakage resulting from parking lot mishaps and accidents! No other BMW® aftermarket windshield manufacturer offers this type of warranty. The warranty is valid for the 3-year term starting with the purchase date. Customers will need to register their windshields on ZTechnik.com before they make a claim against the warranty. The link to the registration form is on the home page. Anyone who has purchased a ZTechnik polycarbonate windshield in the past 3 years can register and activate their warranty for the remainder of the 3-Year term. Certain restrictions apply, see warranty terms for complete details.

Height: 19.00" (48.2cm)
Width: 17.00" (43.2cm)

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ZTechnik F800ST|F800S VStream Windshield
Produced by ZTechnik of USA