ZTechnik R1200GS Tall Windshield


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The design of the new R1200GS windshield from ZTechnik comes straight off the Autobahn. Made about 2 inches (50mm) taller, and 4 inches (50mm per side) wider, this windshield is designed for highway wind and weather protection for the adventure rider who finds himself on the highway more than offroad. Substantially improved airflow and wind protection are immediately evident with ZTechnik's new windshield. Beyond the increased size, this windshield is made from 4.5mm hardcoated Lexan® FMR polycarbonate sheet. It resists everyday scuffs and wears 100x better than the stock shield. And as well, it is optically transparent. Your ability to see the road is not compromised with this high quality part. The Z2242 utilizes the BMW rake adjust mount point, which remains operational. The new size and optical quality of the Z2242 makes a measurable improvement over the stock screen!

Dimensions: 16" tall, 16" wide at top, 18" wide at bottom

ZTechnik R1200GS Tall Windshield
Produced by Z Technik of USA