AeroFlow K1600 Series (22-) HLC Headlight Cover


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The K1600 stock headlight assembly costs over $2,700, which doesn't include the price of  labor!

AeroFlow HLC's (HeadLight Covers) are designed to absorb as much impact energy as possible, our HLC's protect your expensive headlight from stones and road debris that would normally break or crack your headlight.

Our K16 HLC wraps around the bottom of the stock headlight to protect the exposed, and vulnerable to breakage, section of headlight not protected by other headlight covers. Considering replacement costs, we feel that anything done to prevent headlight damage is worthy of consideration and the AeroFlow HLC definitely falls in the category of "Cheap Insurance".

All HLC's are made from "Impact-Modified" Implex Acrylic which is 8 times stronger and absorbs 8 times more impact energy than other available lens covers. Our covers attach with 3-M® Dual-Lock (T.M.) which space it 5/32" away from the headlight which allows the HLC to compress and absorb energy before it can be transmitted to and damage the headlight. The HLC's compound curves also add strength, resist compression, and absorb and dissipate impact energy. The HLC also prevents the headlight from becoming pitted and scratched by sand and other debris.

Dimensional weight listed, fits 2022-on K1600 models.

AeroFlow K1600 Series (22-) HLC Headlight Cover
Produced by Aeroflow of USA