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Head for the most beautiful locations in the world while always keeping the destination in your sights - the new BMW Motorrad ConnectedRide Navigator connects every BMW with navigation preparation to the roads of the world.

Using the personal BMW ID, all routes, recordings and route planning are synchronized between the navigator and the BMW Motorrad app and are therefore also available in the BMW Motorrad app at any time and from anywhere. Both the maps and the functions of the navigator are always kept up to date, as the device can be connected to the internet and can be updated at any time. The way that the BMW Motorrad ConnectedRide Navigator is operated via the multi-controller and thanks to its seamless smartphone integration sets new standards in this product segment.

Large display with high luminosity and perfectly matched to the BMW Motorrad TFT screens.
A very bright 5.5-inch touchscreen display ensures optimal readability, even in direct sunlight. The BMW Motorrad ConnectedRide Navigator is seamlessly matched with the motorcycle displays and the entire BMW Motorrad world of experience. The graphic design and user interaction harmonize perfectly and allow seamless integration into the operating concept of the TFT screen and the BMW Motorrad ConnectedRide Navigator. The displays are also coordinated with each other with regard to light intensity, reflection and anti-reflection coating. The Navigator is charged via the BMW on-board network. Alternatively, it can also be charged in no time at all using the included USB-C cable with up to 2.4 A charging current.

Update capability, cloud synchronization and downward compatibility.
The new BMW Motorrad ConnectedRide Navigator was developed in-house and updates can be delivered directly via the BMW Motorrad systems. Analogous to a smartphone, updates for functions and maps are actively indicated. Updates are installed directly on the BMW Motorrad ConnectedRide Navigator. The only thing that is required is an online data connection (WLAN or a SIM card installed by the customer). It does not have to be connected to a computer.

For the latest traffic information, which is updated in real time, the navigator can go online either via a WiFi hotspot (which customers can provide via their smartphone, for example) or via the SIM card installed by the customer. This is even possible while riding and the user is always kept up-to-date.

The BMW Motorrad ConnectedRide Navigator is part of the MyBMW Cloud. Accordingly, the user can log in to the BMW Motorrad ConnectedRide Navigator with their MyBMW account thereby connecting the device to the BMW Cloud, where he can synchronize his planned routes, the routes he has ridden and a great deal more. In this way, the user can plan an individual route on any end device (BMW app, PC browser, etc.), which is then immediately available on any registered end device. Routes created in other planning portals can also be imported into the BMW Cloud and be used on all registered end devices.

The hardware and software of the new BMW Motorrad ConnectedRide Navigator are compatible with all BMW motorcycles built from 2014 onwards (with restrictions), provided they have a multi-controller and if navigation preparation is already installed or has been retrofitted as part of the Original BMW Motorrad Accessories. Does not fit "in-dash" Navigator mounts.

Seamless smartphone integration delivers maximum functional comfort.
In addition, all smartphone functions and in particular media applications such as Spotify and telephone functions can be centrally operated and coordinated via the new BMW Motorrad ConnectedRide Navigator. In particular, the user can control the volume both as a master volume for all sources and individually for each source. All other end devices such as the rider and passenger helmets as well as the BMW Motorrad ConnectedRide Smartglasses can also be connected to the Navigator via Bluetooth and controlled accordingly. The personal contacts stored on the smartphone can be used directly on the navigator for telephone and routing functions.

Included with Delivery:
-ConnectedRide Navigator Unit
-Screwdriver (for SIM card installation)
-Two USB-C charging/data cables:
--USB-A to USB-C x1
--USB-C to USB-C x1

BMW Motorcycles ConnectedRide Navigator
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Customer Reviews

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Hardware is great, software needs improvement

The hardware of the ConnectedRide Navigator is far superior to the Nav VI. At the moment, I have utilized this navigator for ~3000 miles and my only complains are software related. Firstly, there is a bug where if the ConnectedRide Navigator is set in "True North" setting, wonder wheel zooming is non-responsive as it is stuck at 200ft zoom scale. As someone who has utilized paper maps, I find the inability to use true-north decently frustrating. Secondarily, time and date does not update properly. I assume this is due to a bug regarding time zone adjustment as it is constantly stuck at "GMT+0:00". I also believe this issue to have a domino effect when it comes to automatic day/night mode adjustment as the ConnectedRide Navigator will automatically shift to night-mode from ~4pm onwards in my time zone. (Offset is ~4hrs as I am on EDT). Even with a manual time setting, the day/night mode shift is still not properly functioning. Next, when you have a route input and you're searching for POI's, places such as gas stations along your route, the ConnectedRide Navigator will show gas stations 2 miles from the start of your route and NOT ahead of your current position. Lastly, if you have a phone connected to the ConnectedRide Navigator, I found that the audio is extremely compressed. It sounds like satellite radio on a very cloudy day. Most if not all of these issues can be fixed with a software update. However, there is one feature of the ConnectedRide Navigator (Software version 1.0.2) that is far superior to the Nav VI and that is the ability to display a seemingly infinite amount of tracks on top of the main map. The Nav VI limits you to approximately 15 tracks on the map at once and for GS off-roading, being able to show all tracks on the ConnectedRide Navigator is truly phenomenal. Additionally, my largest complaint with the Nav VI was ghosting and the inability to use the touch screen during colder weather. I have taken the ConnectedRide Navigator in sub-freezing temperatures and never had an issue with it (great job listening to the community BMW). It is understandable that it takes time for BMW to work out the small bugs with such an overhaul of their flagship Motorrad navigation system but with these minor fixes, the ConnectedRide Navigator will be a truly phenomenal piece of equipment seamlessly connected to the motorcycle. Assuming that BMW addresses these issues, I would highly recommend the ConnectedRide Navigator especially since support for the Nav VI is dwindling.

Dave Fahringer
Nice first attempt

It’s nicer than a Nav VI as far as wonder wheel integration, ability to import routes and waypoints, and the ability to navigate the entertainment on my phone.

The negatives are the size of the fonts in the map display, and the inability to enter new search criteria while moving. They seem to be adding new features and enhancements in a regular basis. My guess is the font issue will be resolved in a future update but search on the fly is probably a conscious decision.

Minor nit is how long Bluetooth connection to phone stays up after bike shuts off. Ideally it would be user configurable as I like it letting me continue my music while fueling, but current limit must be 30 minutes or maybe an hour

Ali Mutlu
Needs a few small software updates

High build quality. Bright, sharp and clear screen and a responsive interface. Its software does need a few updates since it is a bit buggy. For example, setting my time zone was a challenge without getting the unit to blank out and default back to the main menu. It would be nice if they added an app or a feature for easy route planning, it would be great. Integration into the bike's onboard systems, controller wheel and the helmet comm unit (Sena SC2 in my case) are very smooth and seamless. So far, it is much better than having my phone or the NAV VI unit in the cradle.

Mark Confer
Just got this

So far so good. Works great with wonder wheel on bike. Sincs up well with Sena headset and iPhone. We’ll see how the routing does in the next couple of months

James Garrick
Happy rider

The unit is great as is the service from Sierra. Would purchase from them again.