Akrapovic G310R|G310GS Racing Carbon Exhaust System


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Built using race-proven materials, the Racing Line gives the bike a striking appearance. The muffler outer sleeve is constructed from carbon fibre, with a stainless-steel header and finished with a hand-crafted carbon-fibre endcap and muffler clamp, all creating a greater saving in weight from the stock system. The system delivers extra power and torque all through the range, with a big increase at the lower end, along with enhanced sound for a more sporty and aggressive tone. It is easy to install and no remapping is necessary.

It’s not just about peak power-Akrapovič exhaust systems deliver increased performance throughout the entire rpm range. Increased power and torque result in a much smoother ride. All Akrapovič exhaust system measurements are made on our computer-controlled flowbenches.

Maximum power: 35.2 HP at 9600 rpm
Maximum gain: + 1.8 HP at 8500 rpm
Maximum torque: 21.8 lb-ft at 4900 rpm
Maximum gain: + 2.0 lb-ft at 4900 rpm
Weight: - 10.2 lbs

Dimensional weight listed

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Akrapovic G310R|G310GS Racing Carbon Exhaust System
Produced by Akrapovic of Slovenia