Arai BV Faceshield


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CARE AND FEEDING OF A SHIELD: Clean gently, with nothing more than warm water and a soft, clean cloth or special microfiber cloth. DO NOT rub the shield or use paper towels since this will scratch and reduce the life of your shield.

This model fits: XD'4

Warning: Although this XD’4 shield will fit on earlier XD versions, DO NOT INSTALL THIS SHIELD ON ANY EARLIER MODEL. As there are no receiving ducts for this shields brow vents in earlier helmets, debris, insects, etc. might enter through the vents and interfere with the wearers vision and/or damage wearers eyes. Further, if the XD’4 shield is tinted, light entering through the vent slots may distract the wearer.

Arai BV Faceshield
Produced by Arai of Japan