Bags-Connection R1250RS|R1250R|R1200RS|R WC Blaze Sport Saddlebag System


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Tired of burnt straps, cooked saddlebags, and tire friction holes in your saddlebags? Bags-Connection Sport Panniers are a fast attachment solution!

The Sport Pannier system blends fast attachment and a bike-specific mounting system.

The teardrop-shaped saddlebag follows the aerodynamic lines of modern supersport bikes.

The kit includes interior roll-top drybag liners so your stuff will stay dry, even if you decide to use your bike as a submarine.

Sport Panniers give you peace of mind and let you focus on riding. Your luggage won’t move. It won’t catch on fire. Its straps won’t get caught on your tire.

When you’re done riding for the day, the saddlebags and support arms can be removed in less than a minute, returning your sportbike to its original look. No more funky-looking luggage racks!

Sport Panniers are constructed of 1680 Ballistic Nylon. Each has a volume of 14 liters (21 liters when using expansion zipper).

The main compartment of the saddlebag opens from the top; a smaller document pocket opens from the side.

Retroreflective piping increases your visibility to other motorists.

QUICK-LOCK Support Arm Holders bolt on to your passenger footpeg mounts using included hardware. Once the holders are installed, then the Support Arms can be snapped on and off the bike in seconds.

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Bags-Connection R1250RS|R1250R|R1200RS|R WC Blaze Sport Saddlebag System
Produced by SW-Motech/Bags Connection of Germany