Barkbusters F850GS|F750GS Handguard Kit


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These Barkbusters VPS handguards provide protection for your hands and controls, defending them from wind, weather, stones and other debris. Heat treated aluminum backbones utilize a two-point mounting method for superior strength against impacts. The high quality VPS handguards are available in multiple different colored plastic deflectors which bolt directly to the backbones. The deflectors create a more comfortable and safer riding experience while also complimenting your individual style. Permanent modifications are not required for fitment. Enhance the comfort, safety and style of your motorcycle with a set of VPS handguards from Barkbusters.

-Two-point mount
-High-strength, heat treated aluminum backbones
-Durable powder coated black finish
-VPS plastic deflectors available in multiple colors
-Provides protection from wind, weather, insects, stones & debris
-Safeguards handlebar, controls & hands during light impacts / tip-overs
-Straightforward installation without permanent modifications
-Compatible with Barkbusters JET, VPS, Storm or CARBON deflector guards

What's in the box
-Barkbusters handguards
-VPS plastic deflectors, choose color from menu above
-Mounting hardware
-Installation instructions

Please note: These handguard kits are not recommended for Aventure models as mounting clamp will touch tank at full lock.

Barkbusters F850GS|F750GS Handguard Kit
Produced by RideWorx/Barkbusters of Australia