Bike Brite Blue Buster Motorcycle Chrome Pipe Cleaning Powder

Bike Brite

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Specially formulated to remove bluing on metals, especially the hard to clean exhaust pipe bluing familiar to all bike owners. Blue Buster® is also great for chrome and other metallic trims and accessories keeping them brilliant and protected.

-Polishing powder for those old blue pipes
-Wet towel and polish blue away; will not scratch chrome
-Can be used on chrome, brass and stainless steel
-1 oz. bottle

Bike Brite Blue Buster Powder
Produced by Bike Brite of USA

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Michael A. Skinner
Not sure

I tried using Blue Buster on the chrome exhaust on my R1250 RT, however it didn’t really do anything. Granted, I wasn’t trying to remove bluing per se, but more like browning and a few stains which appear to have been some sort of spilled liquid right at the cylinder exhaust port end of the pipe. So I’m not sure anything can be done about that since it get so hot. Anyway, my review is inconclusive at the moment but perhaps I can update this later with additional use.