BMW Motorcycles Chain Lube with Moly 12 oz.


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All-synthetic lubricant for drive chains for motorcycle chains with high rotational speeds. Contains MOLY and PTFE for superior lubrication.

Easy, fast use: Due to the low-viscosity consistency in conjunction with solvents and penetrating oil, the product can penetrate into the lubrication points extremely well and dries almost clear with a slight grey film after the solvent evaporates that will not fling. Suitable both for standard chains and for O-ring and X-ring chains.

Use: Before applying the chain spray, clean the chain of course, loose dirt with the BMW Motorrad Chain Cleaner. Spray the chain sparingly and evenly onto the clean, dry surface of the chain from the inside outward. In the process, manually turn the rear wheel slowly to distribute the lubricant on the sprocket and the gearwheel. Allow the lubricant to dry for 10 to 20 minutes (depending on the outside temperature) so that it can soak into the lubrication points and can develop the greatest possible adhesion.

BMW Motorrad Chain Lube with Moly 12 oz.
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