BMW Motorrad ADVANTEC Fuel Additive - 5oz. Bottle


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The ADVANTEC Protect Original BMW Fuel Additive protects the fuel from aging and prevents corrosion in the combustion chamber and in all fuel-carrying parts.

The innovative recipe ensures that gasoline can be stored in the fuel tank for an extended period without the fuel getting oxidized and subsequently corroding the surfaces of fuel-carrying parts. This risk is present especially if fuel with a high ethanol content has been filled in. Furthermore, operation with low-grade fuels can be problematic because they leave deposits and can subsequently impede the engine power. Also, in this case, the additive is the very first choice because its cleaning effect removes such deposits efficiently and prevents their new formation.

The ADVANTEC Protect Original BMW Fuel Additive can be used as an urgent or preventive measure. 

Proven, unique properties that no competitor can offer at this time:

  • The only additive approved by BMW
  • Verified compatibility with BMW engines/vehicles
  • Effectiveness verified by BMW's own testing methods
  • Proven properties and protection from:
    • Corrosion when using fuel containing ethanol, methanol and hydrogen
    • Fuel deterioration during storage or long dwell time in the fuel tank (protection against oxidation)
    • Coking and pre-ignition as immediate and preventive measure. Improved cleaning performance even after one-time application. Major deposits are removed efficiently.
    • Better performance because the power does not decrease as it does in soiled engines
    • Maximum component protection both in one's own garage and in distant countries 

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BMW Motorrad ADVANTEC Fuel Additive - 5oz. Bottle
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