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BMW R1200GS (08-12) LED Take-Down Light Kit


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BMW introduces a fantastic new supplementary lighting system for owners of R1200GS models, providing the benefits of our latest police take-down lights for off-road application.

-Vibration and waterproof LED lights used in police car light-bars for violator stops.
-Diffused beams help illuminate deviations in uneven road surface conditions while providing exceptional shoulder illumination.
-Low current consumption of 3.5 amps!
-Two versions – one with illuminated handlebar switch control taken from the R12ADV and the other is an alternative switch mounted on the left fender panel.
-High quality kit! Rigid lightweight mounting bracket, stainless steel hardware & wiring with waterproof connectors.
-Lights automatically turn ”off” when ignition switch is “off” (no worries about leaving lights “on” after parking motorcycle).

Note: The BMW police take-down lights are intended for supplementary illumination for off-road use only. This kit is only intended for installation on R1200GS motorcycle without the auxiliary light option.

Please choose fender-mount switch or R1200GS Adventure style illuminated switch.

BMW R1200GS (08-12) LED Take-Down Light Kit
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