BMW R1250RT|R1200RT WC Custom Seat (Tall, Low)


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Choice of front seats to suit the ergonomic needs and preferences of the individual:
- High: Higher seat specially for tall riders, offering more comfort because the knees are at a more comfortable angle
- Low: Easier for rider to put his/her feet on the ground, so motorcycle is easier to balance when stopped
-Each is height-adjustable to either of 2 positions
-All versions available with or without seat heating
-Front seat with seat heating upgraded with zoned foam stiffness for even more comfort and special Freshtouch seat covering:
- The seat does not get as hot in the sun because the rays of light are reflected
-Color: Black

Seat heights
-Front seat, standard: 31.7/ 32.5 in (for reference)
-Front seat, high: 32.7/33.5 in
-Front seat, low: 29.9/30.7 in

Seated-arc lengths
-Front seat, standard: 71.3/ 72.8 in (for reference)
-Front seat, high: 73.8/75.4 in
-Front seat, low: 68.5/70.1 in

BMW R1250RT|R1200RT WC (14-) Custom Seat (Tall, Low)
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