Clearwater Billie Jr Brake Light

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The Billie Jr Brake Light is an "intelligent" brake light module that utilizes sensor data carried on the CAN bus. This allows the Billie to read how hard the bike is braking in order to react appropriately to any given situation.

If you already have a Clearwater CANopener light kit installed the installation of Billie is very easy. If not, you will need to purchase and install a CANopener (choose above). If down the road you decide to purchase a set of lights to go with your CANopener and Billie brake light then give us a call when you order and we will discount your kit as the CANopener is included in select kits. No need to pay for an extra CANopener you don't need.

This is a high output brake-tail light that is computer controlled by the Clearwater CANopener. This brake light is intended for use on specific BMW motorcycles that use the CANbus control system.

This brake light installs in place of your license plate frame. The Billie brake light and frame are CNC machined from solid aluminum (Why? Because we can……) and are very solid.

The aluminum frame not only helps mount your license plate, but it serves a more important function as a heatsink for the powerful RED LED emitters inside the custom housing. This high quality product is made here in California.

Note: This Brake Light License Plate Frame fits 45 different license plate sizes, that's all states except the following: Alabama, Alaska, Minnesota, New Mexico and Washington DC. These states may require modification, do so at your own risk as certain important information may be obscured. This is due to the non-standardization of motorcycle license plate sizes.

Clearwater Billie Jr Brake Light
Produced by Clearwater Lights of USA