Galfer S1000RR|S1000R Wave Rear Brake Rotor


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Galfer’s solid-mount Rear Wave® rotors provide all the advantages of the front rotors when coupled with the floating rear calipers found on most motorcycles. Combining the best materials and manufacturing process, these rotors will handle everything you throw at them. Patented inner and outer Wave® design minimizes heat transfer, equalizes dissipation and evens out pad wear.

-Designed both for street and track
-Keeps brake system cooler by allowing air to pass over every point of a brake pad surface
-Best friction surface of any stainless steel rotor
-Seamlessly replaces stock rotor
-Extremely predictable and consistent
-Provides outstanding performance even in the most aggressive conditions

Galfer S1000RR|S1000R Wave Rear Brake Rotor
Produced by Galfer of USA