TT-SB.10000.B + 11690120K12S

Hornig/Denali SoundBomb Horn Kit


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An actual 120dB of output unlike the competitions overrated claim, and much more reliable! Basically a better Stebel Nautilus, the Denali SoundBomb fits exactly the same and pairs with the Hornig mount kits perfectly giving you a loud, reliable horn that wil be heard!

Producing an earsplitting 120 decibels of sound, the SoundBomb is 4 times louder than a standard motorcycle horn! The Denali™ SoundBomb was designed for those who want to be heard, but still want to maintain a stylish look. Thanks to its compact design and blacked-out housing, the SoundBomb will practically disappear once installed.

The unique design of the Denali compact horn features a rugged molded clamp that mechanically mates the compressor to the acoustic unit. This makes the SoundBomb virtually indestructible even in high vibration applications. Compatible with all CANbus electrical systems.

Sound Output: 120 dB at 3 feet
Current Draw: 20 Amp
Dimensions: 5.4” (137mm) wide x 4.5” (116mm) high x 3.6” (86 mm) deep
Stylish All Black Design
CANbus compatible

Single Piece Electro-Pneumatic Horn
12 volt, 30 amp relay
Hornig bike specific mounting bracket and wiring harness (not pictured)

Note: R1200R version does not fit water-cooled machines. R1200GS WC model fits 2013 only, for 2014-on GS or Adventure please use R1200GS WC (13-)|ADV WC (14-)|F800GT Wolo Horn Kit. If you have an early R1200GS/Adv with ESA and the servo motor in front of the front shock (as opposed to alongside the front shock), this kit will not work for you. If you have an R1200GS (will not work on Adventure) with this configuration, please use this version:

Note: US models have a different fuel tank compared to the European version and the horn may require very minor trimming to fit in the intended space. Generic picture shown, not all kits contain all pieces pictured. Does not work on factory low water-cooled Boxer GS, or machines that have BMW alarm system if it uses the stock horn. Plastic cover can be removed from "top" of horn for easier installation as shown in second picture.

Hornig/Denali SoundBomb Horn Kit
Produced by Hornig of Germany