Hornig RnineT Bar Risers


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Handlebar risers with offset: 25mm higher and 23mm closer to the rider

Raising the handlebar by 25mm results in a more upright, much more relaxed seating position. Moreover, the handlebar is brought 23mm closer to the rider which additionally improves driving comfort. The overall result is a noticeable increase in stamina and concentration. Also referred to as handlebar risers, handlebar height increase, bar back risers, barbacks.

-BMW RnineT, RnineT Scrambler, Pure, Urban G/S & RnineT /5
-Only suitable for tubular handlebars
-Does not fit for BMW RnineT Racer

The length of the brake line etc. must be checked individually for proper length. If needed or if you want to use the handlebar risers on a BMW RnineT Scrambler, you have to order the clutch line adapter (choose above) as well!

Hornig RnineT Bar Risers
Produced by Hornig of Germany