MotoEquip 30L Touring Topcase Reflective Kit


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MotoEquip Reflective Vinyl Tape Kits use 3M Scotchlite™ vinyl tape exclusively. We select 3M's finest engineer-grade, 7-mil, 7-year spec, black reflective tape.

Our kits are computer cut for a beautifully detailed precision fit. Each kit comes complete with installation instructions, and in most cases an installation diagram to help make sure our product looks great on your bike. We strive to give you more reflective area for less money than other kits.

If you're ready to enhance your safety and "Be Seen" on the road, you're ready for a MotoEquip Reflective Vinyl Kit. These are black until light shines on them, as shown in the picture.

Fits 30 liter Touring Topcase on R1250RS, R1250R, R1200RS WC, R1200R WC, S1000XR, F900R, F900XR, G310R, G310GS.

MotoEquip 30L Touring Topcase Reflective Kit
Produced by MotoEquip of USA