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Nuetech Tubliss Tire System for Motorcycles


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Tubliss Gen 2.0 - 5X tougher!

Traction is the key to performance - Rip holeshots, double from the inside line, dominate slippery single track, smoke the competition, have more fun!

Ultimate upgrade - Dollar for dollar, no other bolt-on product can compare in providing so many huge tangible benefits!
-Breakthrough low pressure capability
-Massive traction gains
-Plusher ride
-Pounds lighter than HD tubes
-No pinch flats
-2 minute tire repairs
-Superior rim protection
-Super durable
-Tires last longer
-Ultimate upgrade

Gain incredible rim protection, and eliminate pinch flats
Tubliss acts as a 100psi bumper, providing a protective cushion against rim damage. It also stabilizes the tire closer to the rim so the sidewall stands up instead of flopping over, this allows the tire to absorb more of the impact forces before they get to the rim.

Stick a plug in it
Introducing the two minute tire repair, and the easier tire change. No tubes mean you can fix flats in seconds using tire plugs. In the event of a large gash or other sever tire damage, the full circunference rim lock aspect allows for a low speed run back to civilization. Running tire sealant makes the whole system even more effective. After the initial installation, future tire changes are a cinch because you no longer have to fight with the knuckle busting inner tube.

Fitment - 18" fits 1.85-2.15" wide rims, 19" fits 1.85-2.15" wide rims, 21" fits 1.6" wide rims. Not for highway use.

"If we could give it six stars we would."
Motocross Action magazine

"We're sold on it." Dirt Bike magazine

Nuetech Tubliss Tire System
Produced by Nuetech of USA