OptiMate CarbMate 2-cylinder Synchronizer


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CarbMate, the cost-effective electronic replacement for mercury sticks, with the advantage of solid state electronic measurement that don’t break if you drop it. CarbMate displays the difference in vacuum intake settings of two separate carburetors (or fuel injection throttle valves) on the same engine very precisely on a single transverse “East-West” 9 fixed resolution LED display. A single green LED at the dead-centre “happy face” mark indicates that the compared manifold vacuums are equal to within the selected resolution.

Key features:
Adjustable resolution accuracy of 2 – 0.5cmHg, 0.5cmHg as recommended by motorcycle and outboard marine OEs.
Industrial / medical grade MOTOROLA pressure transducer.

METHOD : Compare and display on a single display the difference in pressure between two carburetor / fuel injection manifolds.
DISPLAY / RESOLUTION : 1 display of 9 x hi-bright LEDs, adjustable down to 0.5cmHg resolution.
RANGE : 2 – 0.5cmHg resolution
ZERO : center the displayed value before synchronizing.
POWER : 12V DC (11 – 15Vdc), power can be drawn from vehicle battery.
STYLE / INCLUDED : ABS instrument case with durable polycarbonate labels, fuel & oil resistant rubber hoses, DC supply socket with a 6 1/2ft / 200cm power lead ending in battery clips, instructions for use (on instrument and included).

Two-year limited warranty.

OptiMate CarbMate 2-cylinder Synchronizer
Produced by Tecmate of North America