Renthal R3 O-Ring Heavy Duty Chain


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The new R3 chain range incorporates Renthal's SRS (self-regulating seals) ring system increasing longevity. The R3-3 chain offers an 8% savings in mass with ample strength for the light middle-weight and many mid-weight machines with 520 pitch. Constructed using the same quad riveting process to manufacture the R4 chain range.

Renthal R3 Chain: Ultimate durability and performance!

-Shot-peened alloy steel side plates for high tensile strength and maximum impact load resistance.
-Nitrile o-rings retain a special vacuum injected grease around the critical pin and bush area, which extends the life of the chain.
-High carbon alloy steel bearing pins for excellent prolonged resistance to wear, for both road and off-road riding conditions.
-Special finish: gold colored side plates and copper colored rollers help prevent corrosion.

Rivet and clip masterlinks included.

If you don't own a chain breaker, please see the Motion Pro Heavy Duty Chain Breaker.

Renthal R3 O-Ring Heavy Duty Chain
Produced by Renthal of UK