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ROK Motorcycle Hook Straps (pair)

ROK Straps

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How many times have you said to yourself: "There has to be something stretchable like a bungee cord, but stronger and safer!"

Well here it is: the ROK All Purpose Flat Strap (choose version above). Each strap has a length of our flat shock cord with a hook on each end. Vastly superior to normal "bungee cords".

-Hooks: Double shank steel, plastic coated for scratch protection; rounded ends for safety.
-Solid core of 100% natural rubber provides superior strength and resistance to deterioration.
-Tight- knit polyester for superior wear resistance; best cargo protection flat surface avoids excess pressure- marking on cargo
-All rot-resistant Materials; superb durability

ROK Motorcycle Hook Straps (pair)
Produced by ROK of Australia