SW-Motech F750GS Low Centerstand


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The SW-MOTECH center stand for BMW F750GS increases the versatility of your machine for more secure parking on various terrain while enhancing ease of maintenance without the need for a paddock stand. Robust steel construction
provides sturdy support for the motorcycle and is powder coated black for enhanced durability and corrosion resistance. This high quality center stand is designed and engineered in Germany for seamless integration with the factory original components and easy operation utilizing a built in foot lever which increases leverage and decreases lifting effort.

On the road maintenance and repairs are easier to perform as the rear wheel can be quickly lifted off the ground at any time. Parking stability on soft dirt, grass or any other surface is significantly improved over the factory
side stand which can easily sink and cause the motorcycle to tip over. This center stand also features a double retention spring ensuring safe operation even if one spring fails so you can make it home without an issue. Installation
is straightforward without the need for any drilling, cutting or other permanent modifications. Add an SW-MOTECH center stand on your BMW and be prepared for every adventure!

-Exclusively for BMW F750GS with BMW lowering suspension kit
-Robust steel construction
-Attractive powder coated black finish adds corrosion resistance & durability
-Improves parking stability and versatility on various surfaces
-Significantly reduces the risk of a tip over when used on softer terrain vs side stand
-Integrates perfectly with the factory original components
-Easy to use German design uses leverage to make lifting a cinch
-Foot lever increases leverage to aid in lifting technique
-Does not require cutting, drilling or any other permanent modifications
-Allows on the road maintenance without a paddock stand
-Eases chain and tire maintenance
-Double retention spring ensures safe operation even if one spring fails

What's in the box:
-SW-MOTECH Center Stand
-Mounting hardware
-Installation instructions

Note: Not compatible with extension for side stand foot.

Dimensional weight listed

SW-Motech F750GS Low Centerstand
Produced by SW-Motech of Germany