SW-Motech G310R|G310GS Mirror Extensions


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Improve the view behind you with a pair of SW-MOTECH mirror extensions for BMW G310R and G310GS motorcycles. Sturdy CNC machined aluminum is hard anodized in a durable and corrosion resistant black finish. These handy mirror extensions utilize the factory mirror mount on the handlebar and raise the OEM mirror 6mm and out 40mm to offer a better view past your shoulders so tailgaters, traffic and overtaking emergency vehicles are easier to see. Designed and engineered in Germany to fit perfectly without the need for any permanent modifications. Enhance your safety with a set of mirror extensions from SW-MOTECH!

-Moves stock mirrors up 6mm and over 40mm to improved rear visibility
-CNC machined aluminum
-Hard anodized black finish
-Utilizes factory original mirror mounts
-Enhances safety and awareness
-Simple & easy to install without modifications
-Designed & engineered in Germany

What's in the box:
-SW-MOTECH mirror extensions 40mm (pair)
-Mounting hardware
-Installation instructions

SW-Motech G310R|G310GS Mirror Extensions
Produced by SW-Motech of Germany