SW-Motech R1200 Hexhead|Oilhead GS ION Dual Position Footpeg Kit


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Our reasonably priced ION footrest kits allow the footrest to be mounted at its original height or lowered by 15 mm. Extremely durable and built to last, these stainless-steel footrests provide plenty of extra grip and are recommended for adventure, offroad and urban motorcycles. Hinges made from high-strength aluminum alloy ensure that the footrest can fold out of the way if the bike tips over. The removable rubber top surface reduces vibration, and the profile gives you a firm grip during offroad riding. To mount the bike-specific hinge adapter to the footrest sockets, the original attachments (springs, bolts, etc.) are used.

-Easy mounting on original footrest mount
-Adjusted individually: original height or lowering footrest by 15 mm
-Greater comfort while riding thanks to large-sized foot area
-Profiled, anti-slip surface texture
-High-quality, corrosion resistant cast stainless steel with removable rubber top surface
-Mounting material included in delivery
-Large contact surface (approx. 8 x 5 cm) for more comfort and grip

Included in delivery
-2 x ION Footrests
-2 x bike-specific joint adapters
-Mounting instructions

-Material: Stainless steel / Rubber
-Color: silver / black
-Total Weight: appr. 1,1 kg / appr. 2.5 lb

Note: Fits R1200GS 2005-2012, R1200GS Adventure 2006-on, R1150GS, R1150GS Adventure, R1100GS. On some motorcycle models, SW-MOTECH On-Road/Off-Road Footpegs will have a slight forward angle to allow for a more natural riding position.

SW-Motech Hexhead|Oilhead GS ION Dual Position Footpeg Kit
Produced by SW-Motech of Germany