Touratech F850GS|ADV|F750GS 45L Zega Evo X Pannier Kit


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EVO ‘X’ is a special version of the quick-release Zega EVO system that features a cut-out for the exhaust on the right side. This allows you to run the same size boxes on both sides while achieving a narrower overall
width. This gives you more capacity than off-set boxes and a symmetrical look, in addition to the other features that make Zega EVO the market leader in hard motorcycle luggage.

The most rugged and advanced luggage system on the planet for the BMW F850GS, Adventure, or F750GS, the Zega EVO X Pannier system from Touratech is purpose-built for long-distance adventure touring along with convenient
features for everyday use.

Zega Evo X Panniers offer the ultimate in dry and secure storage for your BMW GS while giving you the convenience of a quick-mount mechanism. Enjoy quick-release convenience without giving up reliability, even in the
most demanding applications. The box can be further secured from theft or tampering by using the included keyed locks.

Quick-mount for easy-on, easy-off convenience
-We’ve improved the ergonomics and feel of the panniers by developing a new die-forging technique that creates rounded ‘finger-friendly’ contours making the release mechanism effortless to operate for easy-on, easy-off
convenience. Simply slip the hooks onto the rack of your F850GS or F750GS, push the case completely in and close the lever to secure the box.

Rugged racks
-The Zega Evo X comes with heavy-duty stainless steel racks that have earned a reputation for durability by world travelers the world over. With 18mm tubing and robotically welded construction, these Zega Evo racks are
built on a long tradition of strength and durability. The system comes with all hardware and everything you need to install in one package.

-The lid has a tough tongue-and-groove aluminum edge with an integrated silicone seal making a completely waterproof closure. The pannier is equipped with a waterproof vent that relieves pressure when changing elevation-like
when riding over a mountain pass.

Style points
-Another distinctive feature of Zega Evo is its new embossed shape in the styling of the Touratech brand. The corner protection has also been updated for a modern look with enhanced ergonomic grip and feel for handling off of the bike.

Accessory ready
-Integrated accessory mounting pins come pre-installed with the Zega Evo, so accessories can be added without drilling holes in the boxes. Touratech’s legendary range of pannier accessories extends your storage for fuel cans,
water bottles, and a range of other options.

Lid storage
-Additional storage on top of the lid is made easy with forged aluminum lashing loops on all four corners of the lid. Storage inside of the lid is supported by the integrated lashing loops inside of the corners taking advantage
of space that is underutilized in most panniers.

Dual-hinging latch
-You can open the pannier from either end for easy access or even remove the lid all together using the dual-hinge latches. The Zega Evo comes with a removable strap that serves to prevent losing a lid while underway.

Included Locks
-The Zega EVO Pannier system includes all locks necessary to lock the cases and secure them to the rack. If you need a specific key code to match your existing Touratech GPS mount, topcase, or other locking Touratech items,
please note the number in the comments field during the checkout process.

-The lid and base are now manufactured with a deep drawing manufacturing method eliminating the welded seams. The body and base are secured by tried-and-true stainless steel rivets sealed with silicone gaskets.

Helping handles
-Carrying panniers can be cumbersome. You’ll love the ergonomic handles on top of the panniers making it easy to carry panniers off of the bike. The heavy-duty strap with ergonomic rubber grip provides a helping hand hauling
the boxes away from the bike.

-The overall width of the 38 liter system for the BMW F850GS / ADV & F750GS is 37 inches. The overall width of the 45 liter system is 40 inches.

The high ground clearance of the boxes allows you to negotiate sections of deep sand or ruts. The high ground clearance also helps with cornering at speed. The 45 liter size case (left side, non-cutout) can fit a full-sized
helmet for storage.

The cutout on the exhaust side reduces the capacity of the 38L case to 33.5 Liters, and the 45L case to 40.5L. The non exhaust size is still a full 38 or 45 liter capacity.

-Zega cases by Touratech are often emulated but never matched for quality and function. The new Zega Evo again sets the standard for motorcycle luggage that is ready for any adventure on your BMW F850GS / ADV or F750GS.

-Quick-mount convenience to easily attach or remove the boxes
-Locking design secures boxes and contents to prevent theft or tampering
-Finger-friendly latches with ergonomic die-forged release mechanism
-Accessory ready with attachment pins pre-installed for a variety of mounts
-Modern design with embossed style accents that also add strength
-Easy access lid that hinges on both sides or can be removed
-Waterproof storage with deep channel aluminum edge and silicone seal
-Ergonomic Handles for easily carrying off the bike
-Silver or Black hard-anodized finish available

Touratech F850GS|ADV|F750GS 45L Zega Evo X Pannier Kit
Produced by Touratech of Germany