Touratech G|F650GS|Dakar|Sertao Fork Guards


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Specially developed for the stock F650GS and Dakar forks to protect against rocks, branches, road debris and other hazards. The guards attach to the fork legs at the top. Stainless Steel guides attached to the lower front fork brace control the motion. Does not block airflow to the radiators as large fork gaiters. Also protects fork seals from excessive exposure to dirt and dust.

If a low fender is installed, clearance must be made for the fork guards to pass thru, (an easy modification).

-Fits BMW F650GS / Dakar 2001-2007, G650GS / Sertao 2009-on
-Small, unobtrusive fork protection
-Radiator airflow is not affected
-Stanchions remain visible for inspection of sealing conditions
-No hidden problem areas
-Easier to clean than rubber gaiters
-Simple and easy to fit
-All hardware included

Touratech G|F650GS|Dakar|Sertao Fork Guards
Produced by Touratech of Germany