TPX Replacement Visual Alert

TPX Adaptiv

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The Visual Alert alerts the rider of the radar or laser signal detected in a safe and effective manner by providing flashes with its ultra bright LEDs.

The LED intensity is easily adjustable from the Main Console to accommodate varying day and night conditions. The Visual Alert is designed to be mounted on various parts of the motorcycle where the rider can easily view it, such as high up on the handlebar or on top of the instrument gauges. It is water resistant and connects to the Wiring Harness included with the Main Console.

The Visual Alert is ideal for those riders that don’t wear a full or open face helmet and can also be used with the Wireless Headset simultaneously.

-Ultra Bright LEDs
-Adjustable LED Intensity
-Numerous Mounting Options
-Water Resistant Construction

TPX Replacement Visual Alert
Produced by TPX Adaptiv Technologies of USA