Weiser 2-in-1 Extreme LED Front Turn Signal/Driving Light Insert for BMW Motorcycles (Pair)

Weiser Technik

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Introducing a major leap forward in motorcycle safety from Weiser. These easy to install upgrades are designed to fit within the existing OEM indicator housing.

These revolutionary 2-in-1 motorcycle lighting upgrades are so new that there is currently nothing comparable to this on the market. At the heart of each unit is an intelligent electronic circuit board. When you’re riding, these UltraBRIGHTS 2-in-1 upgrades have white driving lights which are always on. That’s until you need to tell other road users that you’re making a turn.

Flick your turn signal on and the UltraBRIGHTS driving light goes out on the side you select and an equally bright LED amber turn signal lights up. Cancel your turn signal after the maneuver and the driving light comes back on. Switch to hazard lights and both turn amber.

Weiser’s unique 2-in-1 motorcycle lighting upgrades are not only innovative they’re bright, very bright. Each LED upgrade has 24 powerful automotive standard LEDs: 12 amazingly bright white LEDs for the driving lights and 12 ultra-orange amber LEDs for the turn signals. Lighting is a key component of motorcycle safety and unfortunately, it’s one many riders take for granted when it comes to stock motorcycles. Our products are an example of what happens when you combine the idea of safety with today’s technology, innovation and the evolution of LEDs.

Fits 2013-on R1200GS WC, 2014-on R1200GS ADV WC, 2015-on R1200R WC, 2016-on R1200RS WC, RnineT series, F700GS, F800GT, 2013-on F800GS, F800GS ADV, 2015-on F800R, 2012-on S1000RR|HP4, S1000R, S1000XR, 2020-on S1000XR front, C600 Sport, 2011-on G650GS|Sertao.

Weiser 2-in-1 Extreme LED Front Turn Signal/Driving Light Insert for BMW Motorcycles (Pair)
Produced by Weiser Technik of the UK