Wurth Motorcycle Silicone Lube Spray


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Protect the rubber on your machine!

-Lubricates & protects all rubber weather stripping & gaskets on automobile hoods, trunk lids, doors and window channels
-Prevents squeaks, freezing & sticking of rubber to metal (such as doors, locks & trunk lids, etc.)
-Prolongs life of rubber
-Makes convertible top zippers slide easily
-Rust-proofs chrome & other metals
-Waterproofs ignition systems
-Ozone friendly (C.F.C. free)
-Lubricates, rustproofs & waterproofs conveyors & machines
-Prolongs life of cutting blades
-May be used as a mold release
-Excellent for motorcycle & bicycle applications
-Many more general uses for home & offices

13.5 oz. aerosol

Wurth Silicone Lube Spray
Produced by Wurth of Germany