ZTechnik R1200GS|ADV Headlight Guard


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ZTechnik Releases Z5400 Quantum™ Hardcoated Headlight Guard for R1200GS and R1200GS Adventure ZTechnik is extending its Quantum™ hardcoated polycarbonate product line to include Headlight Guards for the R1200GS and R1200GS Adventure. ZTechnik’s exclusive Quantum hardcoating makes these polycarbonate guards up to 30X more scratch resistant than competitive guards made with acrylic or uncoated polycarbonate.

Like our Quantum coated VStream® windshields, our Headlight Guards are designed to withstand 10 years’ exposure to rain, sun and environmental hazards. 3mm thick Polycarbonate material makes them 10X more impact resistant than guards made with acrylic. Why trust your $450 headlight assembly or your safety to anything less?

ZTechnik Headlight Guards are thermoformed to closely follow the contours of the headlight frame. Attaching discreetly to the frame with durable marine-grade Velcro®, the guards retain a low profile while providing sufficient clearance to allow for the deflection of road debris. They are easily removed for cleaning of the headlight lens or the guard itself.

The choice in headlight guards is now as clear as ZTechnik’s Quantum hardcoated, optically clear Z5400!

Fits 2013-2017 R1200GS and 2014-2017 R1200GS ADV.

ZTechnik R1200GS|ADV Headlight Guard
Produced by Z Technik of USA