ZTechnik R1250GS|R1200GS WC|R1200GS|R1200R|R1200ST Mirror Extenders


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ZTechnik 52mm extenders widen your view of the road by 10%

Give yourself a better view of the road and the vehicles behind you! ZTechnik Mirror Extenders move your bike's mirrors out an additional 2 inches (52mm) on each side, allowing you to see more easily past your shoulders, your passenger and your gear. Competitive extenders only add 1.5 inches (less than 35mm) on each side. This is a great 5-minute do-it-yourself upgrade that you'll appreciate!

Accessories that solve one problem sometimes create new ones. ZTechnik Mirror Extenders do not interfere with the starter switch, info button or other handlebar controls. They are laser cut from 1/4” (3 Gauge) steel for a secure, vibration-free mount. The powder coated black matte finish blends with control housings and mirror stems. Holes are pre-tapped for easy mounting of mirrors in their new locations. This is a great 5-minute do it yourself upgrade that will yield immediate benefits.

Also fits HP2 Enduro and Megamoto, will not fit R1200GS Adventure due to the fog light switch. May limit access to the cruise control button and cover. You may choose to angle extenders forward to allow for more clearance. Exercise caution in use.

ZTechnik R1250GS|R1200GS WC|R1200GS|R1200R|R1200ST Mirror Extenders
Produced by Z Technik of USA

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