ZTechnik R1200RT WC VStream Windshield


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ZTechnik’s popular VStream® windscreens are offered in two heights for the all-new watercooled RT!

ZTechnik announces new VStream® windshields for water-cooled BMW RT. While the stock screen (also manufactured by National Cycle for BMW) does an admirable job, the patented VStream design is the ultimate windshield contour for comfort. VStream gets its name from the unique shape and dimensional contours molded into the screen. The “V” profile helps keeps the wind off your upper body and helmet.

VStream windshields are made from tough Quantum-hardcoated polycarbonate. This high quality material, along with state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques, provides these windscreens’ outstanding clarity and strength characteristics unmatched by any windscreen maker worldwide. Optically the VStream windscreen is clear with virtually no distortion

Best of all VStream windscreens are 30X more scratch resistant and have 20X greater crack and impact resistance than other aftermarket windscreens on the market made from commonly used acrylic or “aircraft plastic”. All ZTechnik Windshields are protected with a 3 year warranty against breakage.

Touring is 26.0 in. (66cm) tall and 19.5 in. (49.5cm) wide
Tall Touring is 28.5 in. (72.4cm) tall and 20.5 in. (52.1cm) wide

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ZTechnik R1200RT WC VStream Windshield
Produced by ZTechnik of USA