BMW Motorcycles Cool Down Vest


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The BMW Motorrad Cool Down Vest provides up to 8 hours of evaporative cooling when worn under your vented jacket. Increases your comfort, performance and endurance.

-Bodycooler Vest with HyperKewl functional textile at back and front.
-Wear it over a t-shirt and directly inside your jacket.
-Outer material: Nylon and polyester functional fibre.
-Side panels with high proportion of stretch material.
-Light and durable.
-Easy to use and to activate.
-Contributes to safety by keeping you cool.
-Front zipper.
-BMW Motorrad logotype on back of neck.
How it works:
-Wet the vest with water - the HyperKewl system absorbs the very small amount of water necessary - and squeeze out the excess water
-Allow the surface of the vest to dry for a short time and then put on the garment (The other items of clothing will remain dry).
-The water management system of the fine-layer HyperKewl textile slowly releases the stored moisture and the evaporative action produces a comfortable cooling effect.
-Temperature reduction of between -6°C and -12°C vs. ambient temperature.
-Duration of cooling effect approx. 5-8 hours but can vary depending on ambient conditions (temperature, relative humidity, wind).
-Wetting the garment again reactivates the cooling effect.

BMW Motorcycles Cool Down Vest
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