BMW Motorcycles Disc Lock with Alarm


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The BMW Motorrad brake disc lock provides ideal security when on the go. The integrated alarm system, lock bolt as well as a housing made up of specially hardened steel reliably protects against theft and lock manipulation. It can be easily stowed away thanks to its compact size.

-Maximum Protection-the special lock barrel offers high protection against lock picking.
-Resistance to breaking: the sturdy steel body, robust locking bolt and the minimal attacking areas provide high levels of protection from violent damage (using bolt cutters, metal saws, etc.)
-Integrated audible anti-theft alarm system:
-A tilt sensor triggers the alarm for even the most minor vibrations. A loud, oscillating siren attracts attention to effectively deter tampering.
-When activated a red indicator light provides an additional deterrent.
-Small and compact design-The small and compact design means the brake disc lock can be ideally stowed away in the included high-grade fabric pouch featuring a zipper for easy storage in a tank bag or side case.
-Thanks to the automatic brake disc detection system it can be carried when locked without falsely triggering the alarm.
-European spec SRA (Sécurité et Reparation Automobile) approved for maximum safety and protection
-13 mm lock bolt, housing, and carrying parts of the locking mechanism made of specially hardened steel
-Acoustic siren with a minimum of 100 dB for 15 seconds, then automatic reactivation
-Displays battery and activity status using audible and visual signals (multi-colored LED)
-Practical fabric pouch for storage
-2 keys, one of which includes an LED light key
-Includes 2 AAA batteries
-External dimensions (locking mechanism): 4.6 x 2.6 x 1.6 in
-Weight: 2 lbs.
-Color: white, (powder-coated finish)

Thanks to the integrated tilt sensor, riders are warned if the lock is still attached to the brake disc when the motorcycle is moved off its main or side stand. This makes sure the brake disc lock is removed before it can cause damage when trying to roll off.

BMW Motorrad Disc Lock with Alarm
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