Cyclops R1200GS|ADV LED Headlight Conversion Kit


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A huge upgrade to your stock BMW headlight bulb, this LED replacement from Cyclops packs a huge 4000 lumens and installs easily into your stock headlight housing using original wiring.

The best performing, longest lasting and most reliable H7 LED headlight bulb for your BMW R1200GS or GSA. Cree MKR emitters X2 offer superior beam patterns. Better than HID performance with the benefits of LED on BMW R1200GS or Adventure. The brightest H7 replacement LED bulb available at a true 4000 lumens! Fan cooled for extreme conditions. Includes H7 connector. BMW Canbus compatible.

The LED bulb simply replaces the original headlight bulb on your BMW and plugs into the original wiring. This H7 kit will fit into either the high beam or low beam spot on the R1200GS, or both for the most lighting possible without auxiliary lights.

Don't fall victim to poor quality LED bulbs with heat sinks and no fan. They simply will not last in a motorcycle or automotive closed off headlight bucket.

These bulb conversions are sold individually. If you want to convert both your high and low beam, order quantity 2 of this kit.

NOTE: This bulb is intended to upgrade your existing Halogen light to an LED light. If you already have the OEM LED Headlight from BMW, this kit will not work for you.

-Bulbs sold individually, order 2 if you want to replace both high and low beams
-Plug and Play
-No Canbus faults
-Cree MKR Emitters X2
-Replaceable Driver
-Smaller Diameter Housing
-Lumen Rating: 4000
-Color Temperature: 5700K
-Power Draw: 30 Watts
-Lifespan: 30,000 Hours
-One Year Warranty
-Fits in either High Beam or Low beam, or Both!
-Connects to factory wiring, no modifications to wiring necessary

Fits all R1200GS, R1200GS Adv with H7 halogen bulb(s). Will also fit R1200RT, and K1200LT, and others with H7 halogen bulb(s).

Cyclops R1200GS|ADV LED Headlight Conversion Kit
Produced by Cyclops of USA