Touratech F800GS (13-)|ADV Sidestand Plate


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Touratech's Large Sidestand Foot stabilizes your BMW F800GS when parked on the side stand. Whether you find yourself parking in grass, gravel, mud or forest soil, the increased surface area of the Touratech Sidestand Foot dramatically improves the stability of the F800GS, making your off-the-beaten-path parking much easier.

The Touratech Large Sidestand Foot is the choice of travelers the world over because of its solid stainless steel construction, well engineered fit and strong 3-bolt mounting connection. The top clamping plate wraps around the kick stand for the most soild connection to the side stand on the BMW F800GS.

The Touratech Large Sidestand Foot installs easily and dramatically improves your parking experience when off pavement with your F800GS.

-Easy Installation
-Guaranteed to improve your parking experience when off pavement
-Made of laser-cut stainless steel and anodized aluminum
-Fits 2013 and newer F800GS and Adventure
-Made in Germany by Touratech

Note: Not for factory lowered F800GS.

Touratech F800GS (13-)|ADV Sidestand Plate
Produced by Touratech of Germany